Mind Mantle

Remember What You Read.

Do you ever read a book, listen to a podcast, or hear a quote that really resonates with you, only to forget about it soon after?Mind Mantle is a free app that helps you keep those important lessons top of mind, so you can expand your knowledge base and better incorporate them into your daily life.

How Mind Mantle Works

Curate and Manage Your Quotes

Select the most impactful quotes and lessons you come across, and add them to your Mind Mantle collection. Include anything from journal entries to podcast notes and book annotations.

Random Order
for Memory Retention

Mind Mantle lets you loop through your quotes, one at a time, in random order, to keep things exciting and help you remember more effectively.

Learn, Grow and Develop Good Habits

By reviewing your curated quotes regularly, you'll keep important lessons fresh in your mind and be better equipped to apply them in your daily life.

Stop forgetting, start retaining!

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